Free Website Consultation

Free Website Consultation with Mediandseo

At the Mediandseo, we offer our FREE 30 MINS WORDPRESS CONSULTANCY SESSION,

where you can discuss the problems regarding your WordPress site and get a reliable solution to them.

Your WordPress website is the powerful tool that can do wonders for your business if it works properly and efficiently.

The more you pay attention to your site and maintain it, the more you are likely to attain new customers.

Free Website Consultation - Mediandseo Studio Surrey
1-2-1 Voice Chat
Our 30 minutes free Skype consultation session is a 1-2-1 voice chat session using Skype and TeamViewer. You can book a 30-minute slot as per your convenience. We, being WordPress specialists, simplify the jargon of WordPress and make sure our session benefits you. There is nothing to lose, since session is free of cost without any hidden cost. Our ultimate goal once you finish the session is to give you the insight about the WordPress, number 1 Content Management Service (CMS) in the digital world. After the session you can either learn to fix the issue with your website or hire our WordPress professional to fix it. You are completely free to make your own decision.
On-Page SEO
At the Mediandseo, we understand that a website loses its value if it is not visible on the search engines. One of the important things that can carry your website to the top ranks is an on-page SEO. We can audit your website check what is lacking on your site to enhance your online presence in the digital world. During the session. We can install and configure a Premium WordPress Security Plugin to secure your WordPress website from the hacker. Even though WordPress is the best CMS and over 60% website in the world are built with WordPress but there are numerous security loopholes. With the premium plugin we can try to patch around 99% loopholes and continue to fix it.

How can you benefit from Website Consultation?

  • WEBSITE AUDIT: Audit your website and analysis the improvements you have do on the site.
  • WORD PRESS SECURITY: Secure your Website from hackers.
  • WEBSITE SPEED: Check your website current speed and we will suggest about the necessary improvements.
  • CHECK ERRORS: Check errors on your website and rectify it. Any minor issue can be  fixed at the same time.

  • HOSTING CONSULTATION: You can ask us about our hosting plan and how it works. We provide Managed WordPress Hosting.

  • NEW WEBSITE: You can discuss about your new website project.

Free Website Analytic Report

Order your Free Website Analytic Report.
Adrian Barker
Sam did a great job. He’s been very professional. Good value for money or I should say it’s a bargain! I totally recommend him.
Adrian Barker
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Jane Rees
Was very clear with communication and prompt. Look forward to carry on working with Sam on a monthly basis.
Jane Rees
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Mike Hamilton
MediandSeo are are reliable, quick and really know their stuff. I have no hesitation in recommending them. Thank you once again.
Mike Hamilton
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