DIY Content Optimization

£40.00 / month for 2 months

For a high Google ranking, it is imperative that you publish content that is both engaging and unique on your website. Unfortunately, simply creating content isn’t enough to ensure your site ranks. Instead, your content must be optimized. So, how do you do this?

Our 8-week training takes you through the entire optimization process. We’ll start by researching and performing competitor analyses to determine what type of content you need. Then, you create the content (because you know your business better than anyone) and send it back to us. We’ll go through it and show you how to optimize it and rank high on Google.

Our DIY Content Optimization training is perfect for any line of business. However, we suggest you complete our Google Local Ranking training before signing up for DIY Content Optimization training.

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Training Features: Our 8 week training program requires 2 hours of work each week on your part and includes a weekly assignment. We’ll take care of 40% of the work, while you manage the other 60% with our step-by-step guidance. Of course, email support is included.


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