Google 3 Pack Ranking – Physio Soho

Google 3 Pack Ranking – Physio Soho

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What we did?

Ranked on Google 3 Pack

Monthly Maintenance

Content Optimisation

New Website Design

Link Building





Sports Injury Soho

How long it took?

3 Weeks to rank on Google 3 Pack



About Martin Higgins Clinic

Physio Soho – Part of Martin Higgins Clinic is very popular Sports Injury Clinic in Leeds Area. They have clinic in Leeds and Central London.

Martin – owner of Martin Higgins Clinic is our old customer. Martin wanted to attract more customers to his newly opened Sports Injury Clinic in Soho, Marylebone area.

Martin wanted us to create a new website for the London Clinic and rank on Google Local. Since our target customer were from around Soho area we decided to choose the keyword “Sports Injury Soho"

After just 3 weeks we managed to rank the site on Google 3 Pack for the keyword “Sports Injury Soho".

Ranking result is correct on 24 Jan 2018 on searching from Reading Area. Result may vary if you searching from different location.

Physio Soho – Martin Higgins Clinic

The Result of Our Work

Since the website was new and we had very competitive keyword we had a big challenge ahead.

Site was not on top 100 listing or on the Google local SERP. We started with keyword and competitive research. Than we did the the on-page SEO and optimized the Google My Business.

Within the 3 weeks of short period we managed to rank the site on Google 3 Pack for the keyword term “Sports Injury Soho"

If you are really concern of reaching the local customer, ranking your website on Google Local specially on Google 3 Pack will definitively help bring more customer and revenue.

  • Ranking on Google 3 Pack
  • Ranking Multiple keywords on Google Organic
  • Has outranked the competitors around the area

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