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WordPress Website Hosting

At the Mediandseo, we offer WordPress Website Hosting that caters to your needs and demands. Let it be the speed up your website, security, backups, and updates, our Managed SSD Hosting is a one-stop solution to ensure smooth functionality and best performance of your site. You are required to pay only £5 per month to get our professional WordPress website hosting service.

A well-hosted website is the one that retains its loading speed regardless of the number of visitors that land on the site simultaneously. Users want quick responses. They soon get frustrated and leave the website that takes too long to respond. Studies show that a 1-second delay drops the conversion rate by 7 percent!  At the Mediandseo, we use WPX Hosting−the best possible hosting to enhance your site’s speed. Our WordPress website hosting contributes to enhancing the performance of your website, making it an ideal platform for users to explore.

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Managed WordPress Hosting with Mediandseo

 Why Choose our Hosting Plan?

 The web pages, when tested on GTmetrix and Pingdom, showed better speed after being moved to WPX hosting. The web pages were faster than 70 percent of the websites tested on Pingdom. The remarkable result shows that WPX Hosting is an impactful hosting that you cannot say no to.

At the Mediandseo, we not only create websites but also contributes to bringing more success to your organization. And we do so by offering an effective WordPress website hosting to increase the visibility of your site on search engine pages.

As Google supports the sites having fast speed, it is important to monitor and maintain the loading time of your site. Our WordPress website hosting (WPX Hosting) plays a key role in increasing the speed of your site, allowing Google to rank it higher in search results.

According to a report from Google Webmaster Tools, websites, when switched to WPX Hosting, showed better speeds than before. Therefore, sites, when supported by WPX Hosting, are likely to rank higher, thus driving more traffic to your business.

SSD hosting with medianseo

Our SSD Hosting Features


Solid State Drive (SSD) Hosting is quicker than Normal Hosting. It helps website to load faster. Nobody like slow website. If your site does not load within 3-4 secs you will loose the client.

24/7 Support If you ever had any hosting issue you do not need to worry. We will take care of everything. From contacting them to fixing it.

Pay £5 only You will only £5 per month. If you buy directly with WPX Hosting them it will cost £19 (approx) per site. Why not save money with us.

External backup We make sure all the data of your business as well as customers is safe. We set up a backup with the premier plugin called BackupBuddy. The plugin helps in saving the data on Google Drive and ensures it is restorable if the website goes down or is hacked.

Security Visitors are more likely to connect to online businesses that have a secured website to showcase their products and services. At the Mediandseo, we use ITheme Pro Plugin to secure your site. We make sure your website is safe from malicious attacks and offers a great user experience.

Image Optimisation Images are visually beneficial for your website, but if it is not web optimised, your site will become slow. No one likes slow website. We will make all your website images web friendly for faster load.

Database Optimisation Every website has a database sitting in the background. Database will be optimised to maximise the speed.

Content Delivery Network We will setup CDN service to deliver static content from the websites for faster performance.

Caching Setup We will set up W3 Total Cache plugin and configure it.

Theme and Plugin update We will update the theme and plugin and suggest/remove unnecessary plugin which could be making your site venerable and slow in the same time.

On Page SEO (optional) is the first step of any SEO project. We can configure Yoast SEO and configure it for the extra cost. On-Page SEO includes keyword research and making your website link SEO friendly.


Check if the site is using H1, H2 header tags are properly used. Checking dead and 404 non-existing page.


Add image alt attributes, page title, meta description. Suggest if you have SEO friendly web content.


Please contact us for the On-Page SEO price.

  • £5/ Monthly
    • SSD Hosting for faster website
    • Free Speed Optimization
    • Database Optimization
    • Free WordPress/Plugin Updates every month
    • Enhanced Security. Secure your site from hackers.
    • Free Email Account
    • We take care of all hosting issues.
    • Free external Backup set up on Google Drive
    • Free Site Move from your old Hosting.


We are here to provide you with effective assistance so that you can rest assured that your site will run smoothly 24/7.

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