WordPress Website Speed Optimisation

WordPress Website Speed Optimisation


MediandSEO provides WordPress Website Speed Optimisation service for affordable price. Fast loading website can increase website conversion, gives better user experience and stops page abandonment.

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How to make your WordPress Website fast?

  • RELIABLE HOSTING: choosing a good reliable hosting helps load the website faster.
  • DATABASE OPTIMISATION: optimised database will process the information quickly and process the data quickly.
  • CDN: CDN or Content Delivery Network - will distribute the static web content and serves from the nearest data centre of the user browsing your website
  • MINIFYcaching the content reduces the time pulling the information each and every time

  • CACHING SETUP: Reducing the number of javascript and CSS files will reduce the lot of request while processing the website.

  • UPDATE THE THEME AND PLUGIN: Choose the theme and plugin from trusted sellers only and update it regularly. Keep only the plugin you need.

Website Speed helps your Website rank on the Google.

Act today and improve the speed.

Based on a study by NetCraft, there are over 1 billion websites on the planet today.  Therefore, it is not just enough to own a website, for your website to be effective; you need to get it out there.

Out of the 1 billion websites on the planet, 74.6 million are WordPress websites.  At Mediandseo, we help with your WordPress Website Speed Optimization to ensure your website ranks high on search engines in a highly competitive and populated world wide web.

We can help with your WordPress website speed optimisation by developing a bespoke strategy for your website which focuses on optimising its core.

With the high levels of competition to get noticed and drive traffic, faster websites stand a better chance of converting leads and increasing revenue than slower websites.

Nowadays clients are reluctant to wait for a slow website to load. Rather than waiting, they’d prefer to visit a similar website since there are lots to choose from.

The faster the speed of your WordPress website, the better your chances of retaining and winning new clients. This no doubt helps businesses with faster WordPress websites to outpace their competitors and increase their overall market share.

Our WordPress website speed optimisation helps businesses to increase revenue, but more importantly we help you to provide a user-friendly and enjoyable browsing experience to your site visitors.

With our optimisation strategy, your clients will spend more time on your website once they notice your WordPress website speed optimisation is at its highest level.

Your web pages will open before you even have the chance to blink, and the entire process of browsing from one page to another will be stress-free and relaxing.

Reliable Hosting

Your WordPress hosting service plays a major role in website performance. When your web hosting server is not correctly configured, it can hurt your website’s speed. We use the perfect web hosting solution for your website to ensure lightning speed.  Safe and reliable hosting more often than not guarantees a super fast site.


Caching makes it possible for data which is constantly used to be easily available when needed by storing it temporarily. When a particular data is constantly reused on your website, caching saves your website the trouble of running around to get the same info each time. By providing interim storage of HTML files caching lowers your bandwidth use, reduces your server’s load and boosts the rate at which data is conveyed to your site visitors.


Minify helps to remove all unnecessary characters from source code without changing the performance. These extraneous characters normally constitute new line characters, white space characters, block delimiters and comments.  Javascript and other interpreted languages benefit from minified source code since it helps to lessen the volume of data to be conveyed.

Theme & plugin update

Speed optimisation should be the key aspect in the back of your head when choosing a WordPress theme or plugin. Don’t be deceived by superbly designed themes; some may be inadequately coded and affect the speed of your site.

Usually, it is advisable to choose a simple theme, then use good plugins to enhance the functionality. WordPress themes like Themify, StudioPress and Array Themes will enhance your site’s speed since they have been coded correctly.


Content Delivery Network helps to speed up the delivery of content of websites with high traffic and websites that have a global outreach.  The closer the CDN server to the user geographically the faster the content will be delivered to the user.  Your visitors will experience faster loading times, and your web hosting will also be faster with a CDN.

Database Optimisation

Database optimisation means increasing the speed and efficiency with which data is obtained.  An optimised database will process information quickly and process the data quickly too. We carry out database optimisation on your website to ensure it is super fast.

Free Website Analytic Report

Order your Free Website Analytic Report. This report will help you find out how well your website is optimised. It will help you correct and rank on Google.
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